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Successfully managing the full spectrum of Information Technology is the key to success in the modern business world.  Faster, safer and smarter are the key words that drive IT professionals in their quest to provide unparalleled support to their internal and external customers.   Ensuring their much needed skills are up to the task in an ever-changing virtual world is where the Australian College’s dynamic Information Technology program shines.

Information Technology within an organisation exists solely to meet the tactical, operational and strategic goals of the business.  The Australian College’s Certificate III and IV in Information Technology qualifications focus on the very real demands of today’s business environment. Using the 40-years of experience and expertise of our own in-house IT Trainers and through extensive consultation with industry experts, we have developed programs that achieve our goals of industry relevance, real world practicality, client contextualisation and training excellence.

Certificate II

Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology

Laying the foundation for a career in information technology. The foundation building Certificate II course will introduce your staff to the basics of supporting computers and networks within your organisation. This introductory qualification to the IT industry will provide a solid knowledge set and technical skill base to jump start their career in Information Technology. Learners will emerge from this program with the ability to maintain desktop computers, administer software applications and support basic hardware and peripheral devices commonly used in business computing. More Information

Certificate III

Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology

Creating strong information technology professionals through practical and realistic development. This relevant, practical and tailorable Information Technology qualification allows your staff to specialise in either the Network Administration, IT Support Services or the Applications Administration streams to specifically suit your business needs. Taking the course out of the purely theoretical, this hands-on course will guide your learners through the practical application of hardware and software support using a combination of virtual software and available IT technology. The end result will be a trained and experienced technician capable of providing a strong level of basic IT support for your organisational and client needs. More Information 

Certificate IV

Certificate IV in Information Technology

Developing broad and practical information technology skills to meet the full spectrum of business needs. This qualification is designed for Information Technology staff requiring strong all-around technical skills in the fields of IT client support, hardware virtualisation and maintaining strong and secure networks. This broad qualification showcases a diverse range of in-demand skills and technical knowledge across a wide spectrum of IT services and will produce technicians capable of supporting all IT facets of your business or organisation. More Information

Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking)

Ensuring network professionals are prepared and qualified to meet the ever changing demands of information technology. Designing and supporting Enterprise Networks is a dynamic, demanding and fast paced field that is essential to your business. Networks are now more sophisticated than ever, covering a broad range of hardware devices while demanding intrusion free network security and advanced virtualisation services. This specialist Networking qualification focuses on teaching and developing the strong theoretical, practical and analytical skills required in every Network Technician role. Students will leave the course with network topology and hardware requirements, to more advanced skills like establishing virtual networks, managing network traffic and troubleshooting network faults at an enterprise level. More Information

Certificate IV in Information Technology (Support)

Protecting the needs and security of information technology users across the organisation. IT Client Support is an essential service across all enterprises, businesses and industries. This valuable support role requires a high level of refined technical talent, diagnostic abilities, analytical and communication skills and customer service expertise to be effective for your user's full spectrum of needs. The College's Client Support qualification has been especially designed to develop and hone your staff's client support capability to maximise the Information Technology reliability, operational availability and staff support within your busy organisation. More Information

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